It’s Green Gift Monday!

You’ve emerged from Thanksgiving several containers of turkey leftovers richer.

For another gift that keeps on giving, celebrate Green Gift Monday. Today, coinciding with Cyber Monday, you can make a difference in the environment by buying thoughtful, eco-friendly holiday presents. It’s all part of a special program created by one of Kimpton’s partners, The Nature Conservancy.

Start your green spree with us online at, where we sell our favorite décor, accessories, tech tools and more. Lots of the goods you’ll find there are recycled, energy efficient and organic. Before you fill your cart, don’t forget to sign The Nature Conservancy’s pledge to gift responsibly all season long.

Candela Roomi

Want help getting started? Here are some of our favorite green gifts from

Candela Roomi
The homey portable illuminator casts a warm glow with an energy-efficient LED bulb.

Candela Zoom
Ready for takeoff? All systems are go with the glowing bedside shuttle that uses an energy-efficient LED bulb.

Candela Glow Lamp
Giving candles a run for their money, these portable lights run on long-life LEDs that you recharge and reuse.

All’s Fair Game in Paradice
The eco-farmed birch wood diversion makes you put your thinking cap on, as you attempt to unite the “humans” from the four corners of the board on a quest to become a “giver to planet Earth.”

Waste Not Lunch Kits

Waste Not Lunch Kits
Give brown paper the boot with a recycled cotton sack, stainless steel beverage bottle and lid, two round stainless steel food containers with lids, and reusable napkin and food cozy.

The Good Life Pet Bed
Your loyal companion will have no problem sitting and staying on this chemical-free, biodegradable cushion filled with a plush mix of antimicrobial, and mildew- and insect-resistant plant fibers.

Olive Spa Dog Gift Set
Scrub-a-dub. It’s puppy cleaning time. The all-natural and organic products contain no parabens or harsh detergents and are completely biodegradable.

This Little Piggy Makes Change
We’re squealing over this recycled-leather bank that comes in a bevy of punchy colors.

Big Kid Eco-Packs
Strap to your back these carriers constructed from recycled plastic drinking bottles. Bonus points for the trim that’s made from naturally biodegradable canvas.

Just Play Structures
Blast off on an eco-friendly expedition with recycled cardboard spacecrafts that you can decorate however you wish.

Peace Out Yoga Bag

Peace Out Yoga Bag
All-natural recycled cotton makes for good om. The proof: A yoga sack featuring a print by a Parisian graffiti artist.

“Two” Market Eco Shopper
BYOB – and we mean Bring Your Own Bag. This sleek helper even has a removable inner bag and easily wipes clean.

Grain-fully Good Bag
Go to market (and back again) with real recycled grain bags found in the souks and stalls of Marrakesh.

Sodastream Collection
Store-bought drink bottles will fizzle away if everyone had this kit, which includes everything you need to make your own flavored seltzer.

Little Plates Set
You’ll be proud to bring Heath Ceramics’ low e-glazing methods and other environmental methods to your table.

Portable Wine Karafe
Here’s to a BPA and toxin-free container that you can pour an entire bottle of wine into for on-the-go toasting.

The Ostrich Collection

The Ostrich Collection
A faux-ostrich pillow and throw – wowee-zowee! (Remember, we said “faux.”)

Faux Striped Beaver Throw
No beavers were harmed in the re-creation of a buttery-soft pelt. Perfect for snuggling up before the open hearth.

Marlowe Bed Throw
Seen this animal-friendly beauty on the beds at Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge? Goodie. Now you can have your own.

Faux Mink Throw
Looks like mink, but isn’t. Available in two sizes for happy draping across a bed or chair.

Mighty Steam Eco Shower
Keep tabs on water consumption with this six-jet showerhead featuring an autoflow device that limits flow to 2.5 gallons per minute.

Happy shopping!

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