Kimpton Named to FORTUNE’s Top 100 Places to Work!

If you’ve stayed at a Kimpton hotel or dined in one of our restaurants, you’ve probably noticed we’re not your everyday company. We offer goldfish to keep guests company in their rooms, hand out complimentary glasses of wine in our lobbies every evening, and stock our guestroom closets with leopard-print robes. We love caring for our guests, and thrive on creating a warm, playful environment for them, as well as our employees. And we’re honored to share that Kimpton has just been recognized as one of FORTUNE Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2013!

Our fun and playful perks make the Kimpton experience special – but they wouldn’t be possible without our employees. Our employees are the heart and soul of Kimpton, and they thrive on showing genuine acts of kindness to each other and our guests. We call these acts “Kimpton Moments” and they’ve included such gestures as bringing a sick guest homemade chicken soup and paying for a cab when a guest lost his wallet. The list goes on.

It’s things like Kimpton Moments that captured the attention of FORTUNE and put us right up there next to other iconic brands through the most comprehensive survey in America. This year our ranking is 28 and marks the fourth time we’ve made the list.

This honor is a reflection of the fun, caring and sometimes downright playful environment our employees have created for each other and our guests. We hope you’ll get to experience it for yourself soon by coming to stay or dine with us. We’ll make sure there’s a leopard-print robe waiting for you.

Happy travels and wishing you the best in 2013!

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18 Responses to Kimpton Named to FORTUNE’s Top 100 Places to Work!

  1. Lucille LoBrutto

    I am thrilled that Kimpton received Fortune’s best. You deserve the award. I do not have the opportunity to travel as often as I wish to but when I do, Kimpton is my choice. You consistently get the travel experience right. I admire and appreciate the thought and consideration you put into your guest’s experiences. Congratulations on a well deserved mention in Forbes. Sincerely, Lucille LoBrutto

  2. Alan Silver

    Kimpton is without a doubt the best hotel group in the country. My family and I go out of our to stay at Kimpton. The ambience and service is outstanding. Always first rate! And surprisingly affordable. Congratulations on a well-deserved award.

  3. Ed Miceli

    Wow this is fantastic that Kimpton is rated #28 of the best 100 companies to work for! And it’s obvious to me why they are in the top 100. I love staying at a Kimpton hotel, they do it right and it’s evident they are far above most hotels. Your teams across the country do a fabulous job at what you do. Never had a complaint about anything over the 15+ years I’ve been staying at your hotels. Keep doing what you do!

    Congratulations Kimpton and all the employees who made this happen.

    Ed Miceli

  4. Christine S.

    Well deserved indeed. Its clear Kimpton is a well-managed company. Wherever I have gone I have heard some version of “best company I ever worked for” from the staff.

    Now please fix the TV and Movie service- its not good in any city I’ve tried it in – despite all the efforts of prompt and pleasant engineering staff.

    Compared to everything else Kimpton delivers this service let’s the team down.

  5. C. R. Good

    Congratulations! This is huge honor. We love the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge–it has a fun, upbeat environment, the location is great and the staff is relaxed, yet professional.

  6. Melanie R

    Congratulations to a well deserved group of employees. Whether my husband and I are celebrating our anniversary or enjoying a weekend with the kids, Kimpton always makes it memorable. The little things always bring us back so much so, our kids even love Kimpton Hotels because they make them feel special too. Kudos to the employees at Nine Zero, Boston & The Palomar, Phoenix.

  7. R. Derek Turner

    A Broadcaster/Actor, here. My good friend and I enjoyed our stay immensely, our room? I knew STAR 101.5 FM – SEATTLE had made the wise choice in awarding a New Year’s stay at Seattle’s premier ALEXIS to us 2 years ago, when I walked into it. All of the interior decorating I saw were fantastic, really. I’d like to work for that very hotel, someday, THAT’s how cool our stay was. :) Keep up the good work, Kimpton staff!!

  8. R. Derek Turner

    [addendum] …the front desk people worked very well under pressure, showing winning smiles at the right moments. That speaks volumes to me.

  9. Paul Borselli

    Congrats Team Kimpton… Not only do you deserve to be honored as a great place to work, you’re also a great place to stay and dine… And should I know having stayed over 70+ nights last year. Congrats.

  10. Marci W

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hotels and restaurants!! When we were in San Francisco, we took advantage of the goldfish in the room and the mini-massages at Happy Hour. Even staff pets at the check-in desk. It’s so wonderful to see dogs welcomed everywhere. My husband’s pregnant sister and her husband brought their two German Shepherds to your property in Baltimore a couple years ago- we were all going to a concert and they didn’t want to deal with the hour plus drive back- everything was wonderful and they’re huge fans as well. This is long enough without talking about the wonderful restaurants and the Yappy Hour in Alexandria VA. I’m so happy you been recognized so deservedly!

  11. A A Deo

    My stays with Kimpton weren’t short of excellent. The staff were so great, and so pleasant, I knew immediately they were happy with their employer. It had me thinking of looking into how I could be a part of such an organization. Their staff were so positive and I could tell, loyal to being so committed to their jobs, you could tell they were being treated with the respect they deserved. Thanks Kimpton for being great all around.

  12. Maria Netto

    We stayed at your Miami SoBe in November and love it. Glad you are on the list. You deserve it!

  13. maureen sawiris

    I have just returned from an amazing holiday in the states. Was chatting to a customer yesterday at my workplace and mentioned my holiday. She asked where I went and places I stayed. I mentioned the Argonaut in San Fransisco. A Kimpton Hotel, she was excited and thrilled because she always stays at Kimpton Hotels when she travels to the USA. She reakons the staff are amazing and the hotels comfortable. We are from Australia.

  14. Jenni T

    I try to stay at Eventi whenever I’m in New York and left my wedding ring there once! I didn’t realize it until I was in the air and figured it was gone forever, only to land with a voice mail asking what address it should be FedExed to. So grateful to the Eventi staff and just another reason I love Kimpton hotels!

  15. Shawn C

    I had an amazing experience with the Palomar Philadelphia about a year ago. Because of that experience I have switched all my company trainings to Kimpton and we spend around $20,000 per a quarter with your hotel chain. Traveling every week and living in hotels and I say with the most confidence you deserve this award!

  16. John Conner

    Congratulations Kimpton well deserved. I have been in the Hotel Industry since January of 1973. After leaving the corporate hotel world my wife and I opened a Bed and Breakfast in San Luis Obispo, CA. When we travel we always stay at Kimpton Hotels when available. I must say I have always had a great experience and if I ever went back to working for someone else it would only be a Kimpton Hotel!

  17. Karen Dahman

    I have been lucky enough to stay at two Kimpton hotels. They were so lovely that my brother and sister have begun staying at your wonderful hotels.
    Thank you so much for such great experiences.

  18. Nicki Rocco

    Again and again I book over half of my meetings at Kimpton hotels. Why? Because I know the leve of service is outstanding. Congrats to all the Kimpton team members.

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