Posted May 6, 2014

Bed-Making 101

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Did you know May is “Better Sleep Month”? It’s brought to you by the good folks at the Better Sleep Council, all in preparation for the onslaught of Memorial Day mattress sales that will be coming our way.

We couldn’t agree more that a good night’s sleep and proper bedding are crucial. You might say we have a vested interest in that, which is why we use eco-friendly and super comfy Sealy mattresses in our hotels. But just because we’re serious about our commitment to your healthful rest, doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with it.

And it just so happens we have this pretty hot video that was shot in a Hotel Monaco Chicago guest room recently … and no, it’s not what you’re thinking. It’s actually a music video featuring Monaco staffers showcasing their smooth dance moves and dynamic bed-making skills. Justin Timberlake and Martha Stewart, watch your backs.

You have to admit, that’s pretty much the Citizen Kane of bed-making videos. It stars General Manager Marco Scherer, Assistant General Manager Erica Strombeck, front desk employees Matthew Bolin and Ryan Lettier, and housekeepers Maricela Gonzalez, Priscilla Terta, Vida Kwarkong and Columba Santoyo.

Nathan Delack of the Delack Media Group, a Chicago-based video production company, was behind the lens, while kudos for the in-sync steps and shimmies go to Ryan Siu. Dan Collins, Josh Murtha and Candace Washburn created the music in association with Capital Compositions.

“Slide the pillow in the case, fold the corners into place … perfect bed is made.” Sweet dreams!


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