Posted December 12, 2020

Five of the Most Instagrammable Bars

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Listen, we know you do a lot for the ‘gram. Whether it’s being parched while you get the perfect boomerang of your cocktail, forcing your partner to take the same shot from a million different angles, or organizing a perfectly timed laugh for a plandid (planned candid) moment, your social media game is strong and we respect that. That’s why we put together a list of our five favorite Instagram-worthy bars, where you can not only up your social game, but you can also grab a hand-crafted cocktail at the same time. Because we just love a good win-win situation.

Go ahead; instill a little FOMO in your followers. We won’t judge. Photo Credit: Rowan Palm Springs

Vol. 39 (Chicago, IL)

If it’s true that first impressions last the longest, get ready to have Vol. 39 at the Kimpton Gray Hotel take up permanent residence in your head. This super stunning bar is an old soul wrapped in stylish new décor. The building itself goes back to the 1800’s, and the bar is named for the trove of vintage encyclopedias that were discovered during a recent renovation and which are gorgeously ‘gram-worthy. Especially when used as a backdrop for the “Golden Age of Cocktails Ferris Wheel Flight;” a recreation of popular drinks from a gilded era that extended from the 1860s until the start of Prohi…Prohibi… Sorry, we can’t bring ourselves to say that word but you know what we mean.

Fasten your seatbelts, the Golden Age of Cocktails Ferris Wheel Flight is about to take off.

High Bar (Palm Springs, CA)

Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink. Not to worry though, because you’re in Palm Springs, where over 50k pools dot the desert landscape like thousands of sparkly blue oases laid out at your feet. But why choose one at your feet when we’ve already elevated the soaking scene with the city’s first and only rooftop pool at the IG-worthy High Bar at Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs Hotel? Once on the terrace you may think you’re miraging, but it’s all real. From the San Jacinto mountains towering around you to the mid-century-mecca of the downtown below, this is Palm Springs at its Palm Springsiest. Oh, and about the not a drop to drink part, we’re just kidding. There’s plenty of fresh water here, but we have a feeling you’re going to enjoy taking selfies amid those magical rooftop sunsets a lot more with a freshly crafted cocktail in hand. We know we do.

When in doubt, always match your cocktail to the surrounding foliage. Photo Credit: @lush_life

Henley (Nashville, TN)

We’re pretty chill most of the time but, even if we were going to argue with someone, it sure wouldn’t be the experts at Architectural Digest. So when they call Henley Bar the most beautifully designed bar in the entire state of Tennessee, we just have to agree. And not only does this highly Instagrammable space serve up some of the coolest backdrops for your feed, it also serves some of the most dynamic small-plate dishes and curated cocktails you’ve ever snapped, uhh, we mean consumed. And the trendsetting Kimpton Aertson Hotel is just as picture worthy as its beautiful bar in case your feed needs an even bigger FOMO upgrade.

All eyes will be on your photo from Henley in Nashville.

Revival (Sacramento, CA)

Sacramento is hot right now, and we’re not talking about the temps. We’re talking about Revival at the Sawyer, the city’s first ever rooftop pool and lounge, where a relaxed sun-drenched daytime vibe transforms into the hottest nightlife spot in the city every time the sun goes down. We don’t know exactly how this destination bar morphs so effortlessly between the two extremes, but we don’t really need the details. As long as this urban oasis at the Kimpton Sawyer Hotel keeps bringing us those photo-friendly Insta-ops, we’re happy. And we’ve got the pics to prove it.

Three guys walk into a bar and have a great time. No joke. Photo courtesy of Revival.

Ever Bar (Los Angeles, CA)

Some things in this world may be overrated but breathing isn’t one of them. In fact, we’re such fans that we created the perfect place for you to catch your breath when you’re ready to escape the LA hordes. Just steps from the iconic intersection of Hollywood and Vine, the where-have-you-been-all-our-life Ever Bar is an effortlessly cool haven of unique photo-ops. At the far end of the sun-drenched, drop-your-bags-and-hang-out-here-forever lobby of the Kimpton Everly Hotel, grab a stool and say ahhhhhh as you snap a pic of the eclectic surroundings and the inventive cocktails that pay homage to L.A.’s major music scene. And just remember, while the people in the city outside may also be breathing, none of them are enjoying it quite as much as you.

We know what she’s thinking: “This is going to look amazing on my feed!” Photo Credit: @theeditorialistla


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