Posted September 1, 2020

Kimpton Directors of Pet Relations: It’s a Dog’s Life

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OK, we admit it. Here at Kimpton, we love our pets! Can you blame us? And we know that nights away from home are a lot more fun when you have your own furry friend by your side. That’s why at every Kimpton hotel, we invite you to bring your hairy, feathery or scaly family member with you for your stay — no matter their size, weight, or breed, all at no extra charge. If your pet fits through the door, we’ll welcome them in.

Your furry friends are invited to be our guest!

We’ve been pet-friendly since our founding in 1981 — even our founder, Bill Kimpton, would bring his dog, Chianti, to work knowing that dogs have the innate ability to lift spirits! Today, some of Kimpton’s most popular employees have a tendency to drool and lie down on the job. It’s true! Our Directors of Pet Relations are our honorary staff of the canine persuasion. They eagerly greet guests in our lobbies, quality test our pet amenities, and lord over the nightly wine hours.

As with all our employees, we have a pretty intense screening process for our Directors of Pet Relations. Dogs that possess a loving spirit, follow directions well and know when it’s appropriate to engage with a guest and when to give them space are top candidates for the job. A love of the limelight doesn’t hurt either, as many of our directors have been featured in articles, on television and on Instagram.

The most common question about our Director of Pet Relations is, “What do you pay them?” The answer is a generous salary of the most valuable dog currency… Tasty treats and belly rubs, of course!

Meet our current Directors of Pet Relations:

At La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood, Director of Pet Relations Chandler (a rescue pup – his Instagram here) personally greets furry guests in the lobby, tests pet amenities and lords over the nightly wine hours.

Marvin, the Director of Pet Relations at Kimpton Hotel Vintage Seattle, is a lovable pup with a little yin and a little yang. He has a regal pedigree (he’s an Olde English Bulldog), but also a Midwest sensibility, having been born on a farm in Indiana. Marvin weighs in at 60lbs, but still thinks he’s a lapdog – and will never pass up the chance for a snuggle and a hip scratch, his favorite!

Marvin – Kimpton Hotel Vintage Seattle. Photo Credit Adela Lee

Marvin was a paw-in for the job, and has an ideal demeanor for hospitality: he’s a go-getter, when it comes to chasing his bacon-scented ball, and he loves to make people smile. His only vices are French fries and chewing towels, though he never indulges at work (only at home).

Marvin – Kimpton Hotel Vintage Seattle. Photo Credit Adela Lee

At the Kimpton Hotel Palomar Philadelphia, Theodore, a toy Morkie, LOVES hotel guests. He’s always excited to go up and greet everyone in his line of sight. He’s a social butterfly, and even at just 7 lbs, he will say hello to dogs of any size. He has a big personality and is quite the traveler himself! He’s been to 11 states and counting, and one of his favorite hobbies is to gaze out the window and keep an eye on things.

Theodore, Kimpton Hotel Palomar Philadelphia

And last, but certainly not least, you can find Max at the Kimpton De Witt in Amsterdam. We can say with compete confidence that Max’s face alone is worth a visit! He’s two years old and loves human kids and playing with his ball. More than anything, though, he loves naps, which we can get behind. The team at De Witt shares that Max also loves French cheeses. He isn’t really allowed to eat them, but if she get the chance, Epoisse cheeses are his absolute favorite.

Max, Kimpton De Witt Amsterdam









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  1. […] pet is greeted by name.  The Director of Pet Relations might be on hand to greet you and your pet.  Other benefits […]

  2. Janet says:

    Hello, is there some where nearby that will board a dog during the day while we are away from the hotel?

    • Mark Hiss says:

      Hey, Janet … which hotel are you staying at? Someone at the front desk should be able to steer you in the right direction.

  3. Lacey says:

    I’m really used to my own bed…what kind of pet beds do you have in your pet-friendly rooms? I think it’s really nice that you let us four-legged wonders stay at your place

    • Mark Hiss says:

      Yup, we love four-legged wonders. Two-legged ones, too. Feathers are fine, as well. And all of our rooms are pet friendly, Lacey. But each hotel has a different kind of pet bed to match the decor. Just think of all the wonderful new smells!

  4. Gary Rostron says:

    We enjoyed the Monaco, but there was no sighting of Charlie. The posting of Charlie on you tube was the reason we decided to stay at this property…disappointing.

  5. Gary says:

    Arnie met Charlie while checking out. Charlie was on vacation…..a dog needs a few days off.

  6. Thomas Rigsby says:

    I and my husband have 2 well behaved French Bulldogs that we’d like to take with us to SF for a 3 day weekend. I was wondering if you permitted 2 dogs in your king room or whether only one dog is permitted. Thanks. Thomas

  7. Mike Fisher says:

    WOW and a big BowWow with a wag of his tail and a big total face kiss by my almost 4 year ole Berner Boy Hans. In the past we have had three other Bernese Mountain Dogs, all female. Our first Loki passed on from liver cancer at age 5. Our next was Isabella (Bella) who passed one year ago at age 11 2 months from Acute Lymphoblastic Lukiema (SP). our third was Joy (Joy to Have Around) she passed at age seven years from bone cancer.. All 3 passed away in les than 30 days even with cancer treatment which I nust add was very expensive. A true pet owner and animal lover will go to the extent needed to save the animal no matter what the cost is. Joy and Isabella were certified Therapy Dogs and loved the work as much as the adults and children who were in hospitals and homes loved the visits and kisses they got from our two girls. Bella was by far the collector of many people along the way but her finest was a lady born in Germany who was at that time 102 years old. They had a friendly love for each other.
    Our latest Bernese Mountain Dog is Hans who will be 4 years old this July. He is rather a BIG POWERHOUSE of a male who is as gentle as a lamb and as loving as a little child. Hans is also a certified Therapy Dog who has taken over the job of Joy and Bella. he is so gentle with the elderly and children…he is a real mush of a boy and will do almost anything for a belly rub!
    Hans story was like this, he was fostered out to a family of two special needs children and they had to give him back to the breeder as the children’s conditions became worse and there was not time or Hans in that family setting.We were told this by the breeder at Therapy Dog visit. We just lost Joy about 3 months before and we were crushed. The breeder said would we like to have Hans and we said no because we just lost our Joy and Bella was getting older. We decided that we would put our all into Bella until she croaaes the Rainbow Bridge to meet Loki and Joy. With that I said if it was one of Joys pups we would jump on the chance. With that the breeder said she just wanted to find Hans a new home and a good home. Again I said if it was from Joys line that would make it different. When we finished the visit the breeder said to stop by her home tomorrow morning as she had something to show me that had to do with Berners.. With that the wife and I said ok we will.
    The next morning we arrived and was greeted by this huge Bernese Mountain Dog named Hans….he was so handsome…what a little BIG man he was. So I was talked to take him for a short walk and it was nice to do that as he liked it very much. When we returned we were asked into her home for coffee. While we were there she asked what I thought about Hans and I said he was very nice and she shouldn’t have a problem finding him a good home. She said she knew she would find that home for him shortly. The breeder got up and returned in a few minutes with some documents. She handed them to be and I read them and I passed them on to my wife. The breeder looked at me and said he is the grandson of little Joy and he needs to be with her family. With that I looked at my wife Sharon and said here we go again..Hans do you want to be our Berner Boy and share our home with our Berner Babe Bella? Hans had this look on him like let’s go dad! I said done deal can we take him now and what’s the cost. The breeder said the cost is he gets a bath from her this afternoon and we can pick him up in the am. I said ok what’s his cost? The breeder said he is from Joy and the cost will be a lot of love in a real good home which I know he’ll have. So that’s the story of our Hans.
    Please tell your owner that the policy that is in place will cause me to use the services of his business as it’s my choice to support ALL pet friendly businesses. From one pet owner to another I’m happy to support his business.
    Way to go Kimpton Hotels!

    Mike and Hans

    • Mark Hiss says:

      What a beautiful, touching story, Mike … thanks for sharing. Losing a beloved pet is so hard … but we’re so glad Hans has found such a loving home. Lucky boy.

  8. Victoria Spangenberg says:

    I would like to bring my 2 dogs (a Chihuahua and a Dachshund) and my one cat. Is that possible? My cat is basically a dog.

  9. Georgiana littrell says:

    I’m staying at the argonaut in September from 9/28. 9/29. I would like to register my dog lucy marie with you but I lost e site to do this. Please help.

  10. […] or she is in. So if Fido is a Great Dane, then you are in luck with Kimpton! Some hotels even have Directors of Pet Relations! They provide plus pet beds, food and water bowls, door hangers, and here Fido can get his paws on […]

  11. Michael LaRiche says:

    Hi. I would like Kimpton to serve my tasty Intelligent Dog Treats to their guests. I have a whole line of Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten, Grain and Soy Free Treats. Who can I speak with about this??


  12. […] all pets to stay at no extra charge. They even have furry friends on staff! When you walk in, the Directors of Pet Relations may be there to greet you with a sniff and a tail wag — and the rest of the staff will welcome […]

  13. Cathy Brennan says:

    HI Kristen,
    We will be staying at the Kimpton Hotel in Alexandria checking in on December 19th and checking out on the 22nd – we have two small dogs – Mac and Murphy – 4 years old & brothers – and have recently adopted my mom and dads dog Satie – a 12 1/2 year old black lab – all well behaved and all very lovable. We reserved the Monto Carlo Terrace room because the balcony sounded wonderful… now wondering about access to the room – all 3 of our angels are terrified of elevators – are the staircases easily accessible to this room ?
    Thanks, Cathy

    • Faith Yi Kimpton Hotels says:

      Hi Cathy, there are no public stairwells, but the hotel try and can send someone to go open the door for you when you want to use it. However, it might take a little bit of time, and not the easiest way to use it. Can’t wait to see you and the pups soon!

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    take a massive amount work? I have no knowledge of computer programming but I
    was hoping to start my own blog in the near future. Anyhow,
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  15. Mark Dolson says:

    Good evening,

    I am looking to begin staying with you in New York beginning this weekend and would like to bring my Shiba Inu Puppy Charlie. Could you recommend which hotel could be best? We are looking for any assistance you may have regarding dog sitting/watching while we go to museum or dinner so we do not have to leave Charlie in the room alone. Is this a service that is available. Any guidance regarding how to manage during the stay is greatly appreciated thank you!

    • Faith Yi Kimpton says:

      Hello Mark,
      We’re excited to be on the radar for your NYC trip! Here’s some great news: all of our properties are pet-friendly, and each property has specific recommendations for local resources like dog-sitting/walking and pet-friendly restaurants. Have a wonderful trip!

  16. Sarah Baran says:

    I am staying at the Alexis in Seattle next Sunday. Would it be ok to bring my house rabbit Oliver? He’s a therapy rabbit ( and loves loves people.

    • Faith Yi Kimpton says:

      Hi Sarah – of course! If you need anything for Oliver, let us know. Looking forward to welcoming you at the Alexis.

  17. mary sprague says:

    Hi – I’ll be staying in your DC hotel on June 3rd and June 4th. I MIGHT bring my cat, Ruby. Do you guys provide a litter box with litter?
    thanks and let me know!

  18. Michelle says:

    Love, Love, Love your pet Policy! Please open a property in Tampa or Orlando so I can join the team! Until then you will be my new Hotel Chain of Record as my family has been Silver or Gold members of Marriott Rewards for over 20 years and we spend at least 40 night a year in hotels across the country.

    • Faith Yi Kimpton says:

      Many thanks for the pet kudos, Michelle! And please stay tuned for updates on where we’ll be opening new hotels and restaurants!

  19. Arturo says:

    Fantastic Pet policy! best hotels on the planet!

  20. Sasha Ovieda says:

    I work at the Hotel Vintage in Seattle Washington and I would LOVE to have my dog Tren featured on this site as well!!! He has been working the front desk overnight with me for about two years now. He is a 4 year old white (rare) boxer dog. Tren LOVES coming to work with me and he gets the MOST name mentions at the front desk!!! He is a great guard dog and people love to take pictures of that funny bully breed face of his. Please email me at for a picture and his story!!! thank you!!!
    -Sasha Ovieda
    Chief Director of Pet Relations
    Hotel Vintage, Seattle WA

  21. Jill Burkoff says:

    We LOVE staying at the Hotel Monaco in Washington, DC with our dog, Jaylen. All of the staff makes her feel so welcome each and every time we visit. And YES, she is greeted by name when she is seen by the staff. Thank you for your pet-friendly policy! It allows us to travel together as a family. We hate having to put her in the kennel when we travel.

    • Faith Yi Kimpton says:

      So glad to hear that, Jill! We want to make sure that four-legged family members don’t miss all the fun. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

  22. Danelle Pope says:

    Amazing! My dog Ella was employed alongside me for many years while working in the lumber industry! She was hands down every customer’s favorite employee and the spirit of the establishment! Kudos Kimpton!

  23. John Percich says:

    When we had our first rescue dog, we met a pet physic there at the hotel. Is this service still available.
    If so please provide us a contact.

    Thank you,

  24. Marcy says:

    O do not believe that the states pet policy , as above, is followed in all Kimpton hotels as it should be.
    A customer staying with their pet at a Kimpyon should receive a tag to hang on the foot that states they are staying with a pet in the room.(which is what your “Pet Polocy” states.
    My dog was traumatized today due to the lack of consistency in your Pet Policy. In addition to me and my spouse working another time zone being contacted about my pet.

  25. Bruce says:

    That is really cool. I think I’ll be staying here more often. With my Sadie.

  26. Fiona says:

    Hello, if my husband and I bring our bulldog Bailey will she need to be boarded somewhere else while we are away from the hotel?

  27. Monique says:

    I am in love with how pet friendly your hotels are!! I just made a reservation in Chicago and it’s so nice to find a luxurious hotel that is pet friendly without a surcharge or weight limitations. I travel often with my dogs so it’s not always easy to come by. I know my pups will enjoy their daily walks at Millennium Park!

  28. Joy says:

    I’m planning a trip to Salt Lake City in March 2017 and would love to stay at the Kimton there. I am allergic to cats and want to know if a “cat free” room is offered? I don’t have allergies to dogs and am planning to bring my lab.

  29. Jane Koch, Dave Ralls says:

    My wife Jane and I have made reservations for Christmas Eve 2016 at your hotel and are looking forward to bringing along our most precious canine Callahan, a Border collie mix who is kind and friendly.
    Please contact Jane via email address above concerning what we should all expect. Very excited since we just moved here last November and this is our first true Portland Oregon Christmas.
    Regards, Dave Ralls

    • Faith Yi Kimpton says:

      Hi Dave, We hope you and Jane had an amazing first true Christmas in Portland, OR! Please let us know if we can assist with any other reservations. Happy New Year!

  30. Jillian Flynn says:

    I am trying to find a Kimpton Hotel in downtown DC that also offers dog services in house at the hotel. Many of the hotels offer outside agencies or have no idea how to book them over the phone. I am trying to find prices and can’t find any, which brings a lot of frustration. How can I find a hotel that offers dog walking or sitting or spa at the actual hotel?

  31. Lori says:

    Hi We are planning on staying at the Kimpton Hotel and Spa in Vero Beach in April for a few nights. We will have our 2 dogs…. Brandi and Annika. How pet friendly are the grounds and beach area. Is the dog allowed to sit with me near common areas near the pool? Are they allowed on the beach there? (probably not… but I thought I would check) – Are there pet friend parks in the area to bring them for a run? Is there an outdoor dining area where they can be with us. Just want to make sure there are things to keep them occupied. I want them with me and don’t want to have to leave them in the room. Thank you.

    • Faith Yi Kimpton says:

      Hi Lori! The Kimpton Vero Beach Hotel & Spa team will be reaching out to you directly. Looking forward to seeing you in April!

  32. Stephanie says:

    I’m looking at booking a weekend at the Kimpton Palomor in Chicago with my four legged fur child. I have allergies to cats but not as bad to dogs. Are there rooms that will have less fur? My fur baby is a poodle mix who doesn’t shed. I was also wondering if I can get a list or information on pet friendly places/stores/bars and restaurants around the hotel and downtown Chicago area.

    • Faith Yi Kimpton says:

      Happy to hear about your planning, Stephanie. Our team from the Kimpton Hotel Palomar in Chicago will be reaching out directly to answer your questions.

  33. John Sarter says:

    My wife and I are so excited to see your amazing Pet Program!! We love to travel with our two “Jack-huahua” mixes, and it’s so refreshing to see such fine establishments with such a welcoming attitude! You have earned our sincere thanks and loyalty for being so “Pet-Welcome”!

  34. Moby: I needed to send you the tiny observation so as to say thanks as before with the breathtaking concepts you have documented in this article. This has been certainly generous of people like you to present without restraint just what many of us could have distributed for an e-book to get some money for themselves, chiefly considering the fact that you might well have tried it if you considered necessary. The creative ideas as well acted as the great way to recognize that other people have similar passion just as my very own to grasp good deal more in respect of this issue. Certainly there are numerous more fun occasions ahead for folks who read your blog post.

  35. Susan Segal says:

    Hi, I am a Kimpton Client over the years.

    I am a dog LOVER, have 2 rescue dogs, have had other rescue dogs.

    In real life I am a Clinical Social Worker in DC and have been in private practice for 30 years. After reading about your pet friendly policy, I had a fantasy about being the Pet / Dog director at a hotel in DC as a change in career. I am very very good with people and also can manage difficult people/situations due to my training and occupation? One of my dogs I take to work . My office has been in Dupont Circle for 30 years What do you think? I’d love to talk about someone about the possibility of a part time job.. I know you have more than several hotels in DC including a new one, right outside of Georgetown .
    I’m actually staying at Hotel Monoco on April 29 with my husband for our anniversary (no dogs this time). Would love to hear someone in your orgnization’s thoughts….. It’s just an idea……

  36. Denise says:

    My dog, Henri, and I are seasoned travelers with our own blog-Travel Tails- and would love to do some pieces for the Kimpton blog featuring dog-friendly activities in some of your hotel locations. Who can we bark at?

  37. […] back, because they might steal your next promotion. Pets that come to work with their owners are given the title director of pet relations and even greet guests in the […]

  38. […] back, because they might steal your next promotion. Pets that come to work with their owners are given the title director of pet relations and even greet guests in the […]

  39. Kelly Sanchez says:

    I’m looking through your website because I just applied for a position, and I can’t believe you have this!! It’s amazing!! I’m an owner of a cockapoo and sweet shipoo and I love your hotel even more!! Cross your fingers, maybe I’ll be working there soon!!

  40. Ken says:

    Will the Nashville, TN location have a pet sitting service available for a Sept/17 reservation?
    If so, what are the terms/fee?

  41. Michelle says:

    Omg I’m loving your pet services. I’ve been wanting to take my dogs to NY with me but I wanted to know if it’s possible to get a pet sitter to stay in the hotel room with my dogs if I need to go for dinner for a couple of hours. My dogs won’t like staying in the hotel room alone. Do you know of any pet companies that would do that?

  42. Amber Neill says:

    My husband and I enjoyed EPIC Hotel in Miami along with out standard poodle Bruno. I am wondering what the brand of dog beds they had there as I would like to purchase one. Thanks!

  43. Aaliyah J. says:

    I love Kimpton hotels, they treat my dogs so well. My last stay was in Philadelphia, PA. The next destination for my family will be in Washington DC at the George. Just wanted to know if they have services to take care of my babies when I visit the National Museum of African American History & Culture. The tickets are difficult to obtain and you can only enter once. I can’t leave and come back. Do they have a service to walk my dogs while I am out?

  44. Sandie Anderson says:

    This is the best news ever!! I am excited to come stay at a Kimpton Hotel with my dogs! I only wish you had more locations throughout Florida, North Carolina & Tennessee. Thank you for making traveling more enjoyable for pet lovers!

    • Faith Yi Faith Yi says:

      Well we’re always looking for new homes, so stay tuned to our social media, Sandie! We’re excited to welcome you AND your furry friends 🙂

  45. Mindy Moody says:

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  46. Stacy Guastaferri says:

    We will be at the Gray on September 2nd and we are wondering where our dogs could go while we are attending an event?

    • Kimpton says:

      Great question, Stacy! There are two parks within an easy walk of the hotel. 1) Pritzker Park at 344 S. State Street. – 5 blocks away from the Gray; 2) D’Angelo Park at 438 S. Franklin Street – 6 blocks away from the Gray. Hope that helps and safe travels!

  47. Michael Henry says:

    My wife and I hope we get to meet Molly when we stay at the Solamar next month for a staycation after Thanksgiving. We are also looking forward to making it to Inner Circle during this trip. Thanks for making Kimpton our favorite hotel chain. We only stay at Kimpton hotels and love to bring our dog Nilla with us.

  48. Kimpton says:

    We just talked to Molly, and she’s super excited to meet you and the family (especially Nilla), Michael. We’re counting down the days until this stay so we can welcome you to Inner Circle. And there’s no need to thank us; we should be thanking you instead for making us your fave. So thanks for being one of our best guests ever, and see you next month!

  49. Kellylynn Carrier says:

    Hello is there a Director of Pet Relations at the Sacramento Kimpton Sawyer hotel? We will be arriving November 2nd.

  50. Steve Holgersson says:

    This is the most wonderful hotel presentation I’ve ever seen!

    Me and my wife have just found a new favorite place to stay at when travelling with our furry friends.

    Steve and Laverne

    • Kimpton says:

      So glad you like our VIPs, Steve; can’t wait to meet yours. Maybe they’ll want to be added to our photo line-up as well. 😉

  51. Lisa Alexander says:

    One of the highlights of my recent Kimpton Onyx stay in Boston was greeting the dogs each day – it made have to leave my pets at home SO much easier.

    • Kimpton says:

      We’re happy the dogs make you feel a little more at home; next time maybe you can bring a dog with you to stay, Lisa!

  52. Jan Owens says:

    Do you allow the dogs to stay in the rooms by themselves?

    • Kimpton says:

      Yep! We trust our guests to know their furbabies: what they need, when they need it, etc. We even have a special sign for you to put on the door to let our team and other guests know that your furry family member is inside.

  53. Ian says:

    Do you offer pet sitting or walking services at your fabulous new hotel in Palm Springs?

  54. john smolens says:

    We will be staying at the Kimpton Ink 48 in NYC this Wednesday and Thursday. From the map of that part of the city there doesn’t appear to be a place to walk our Golden Sammy. How far is to the nearest park?

    We’re glad to see that bowls and bedding are supplied; less for us to pack. He’s a big friendly senior fellow (at least 14 years old).

    Thanks for being so considerate of four-legged guests…

    John Smolens/Ellen Longsworth/Sammy

    • Kimpton says:

      We’re more than happy to have furry family members stay with us, John! Who doesn’t want free doggy cuddles and kisses while they work?

      Don’t worry, the closest park is on 11th and 52nd, only 4 blocks from the hotel (and not the big city blocks) which translates to about a 5-minute walk depending on your pace. It’s called De Witt Clinton Park and it even has a dog run if Sammy is feeling particularly social.

      Can’t wait to see you all on Wednesday!

  55. Lauren Kelly says:

    I love how pet friendly your hotels are. Thank you for being one of the only places that go above and beyond to accommodate pets. We are planning our first visit to Kimpton Vero Beach with our two mini Goldendoodles. Are dogs allowed by the pool or on the beach with their owners if under control of their owners?

  56. John Hunerlach says:

    We are checking into your New York property this afternoon with our lovely little black lab “Lolli”

    looking so forward to our stay!


  57. Becca says:

    Hello! I’ve enjoyed reading the wonderful posts. Does the Cayman hotel accept pups? And are they allowed around the pool area (obviously not IN the pool) and on the beach? Just curious if my fur child can spend the day with me or must remain in the room.

  58. Diana says:

    I love dogs, but am very allergic, do you have pet-free rooms for disadvantaged humans like me? 🙁

  59. Joyce says:

    We would like to bring our dog to the Pittsburgh Hotel, when we attend a concert in August, but would like an in room pet sitter while we are at the concert. We have never boarded her. Do you have arrangements we can make with a local pet sitter who will pet sit on site?

  60. Christine Phillips says:

    Hi. Your advertisement states Scottish Royal Automobile Club for Blythwood Square hotel in Glasgow. The correct name was Royal Scottish Automobile Club. My mum worked there in the 1960s as a telephonist. She is now 90 and still speaks highly of her time spent there. I spent my 18th birthday at the staff dance in the RSAC. Hapoy memories indeed for both of us. Regards. Christine Phillips

  61. Pete Mehlman says:

    should our dog be in a crate for house keeping if we are not in the room?

    We will be staying at the Kimpton George Hotel in a couple of weks

  62. Maryann Melchior says:

    Are guests permitted to bring dogs into any of the Seattle Kimpton hotels during their stay?