Posted July 26, 2020

Paris Through the Senses: TASTE


We’re celebrating our arrival in this gorgeous European capital with a 5-part blog series. Read about our favorite ways to experience Paris through all the senses: what we love to smell, feelhear and see in the City of Light.

Corner Cafe

TASTE a Mix of Cultures Through Nouveau French Food

Gone are the days when a quality meal means five Michelin stars and a grumpy waiter in a black bowtie. Thanks to young cooks—both French and foreign—a dose of flair has been added to la cuisine Francaise. Check out restaurants like Dersou, where Japanese chef Taku Serine marinates egg yolk with fava beans and rice, and Le Servan, where sisters Tatiana and Katia Levha serve the likes of St. Pierre fish “beurre blanc” with asparagus.

Dersou paris - @takdersou

The brilliant, colorful style of Dersou. (Photo credit: @takdersou)

At these, and other such neo-bistros, including Clown Bar, Pierre Sang and La Bourse et La Vie, the city’s stuffy white tablecloths have been swapped for hard wood, and overly-gauche candelabras have been replaced by lone Edison bulbs. Such subtle changes make it easier to dine more casually with family and friends, which falls right in line with Kimpton’s vibe of luxury sans attitude.

— Sara Lieberman


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