Posted July 27, 2015

3 Indispensible Resources for Biking With Kids

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There are many ways to get your kids around town, but we think parents who are willing and able to bike with their children are doing such a cool thing. After all, Kimpton is a company whose chief operating officer is a dedicated cyclist — not to mention every hotel offers the use of free PUBLIC Bikes.

Starting the day off biking with your child shows that it’s a feasible and safe means of transportation. Plus, it’s a great way to create a fun, shared experience with your child while squeezing in a bit of exercise. Biking with your kids might at first seem overwhelming, though. How do I convert my bike to accommodate a child? What safety items will I need? What rules of the road should I follow? Here are three resources for those considering biking with kids.


San Francisco Bike Coalition’s Family Bike Guide

This thorough guide by the SFBC on biking with your family is sure to answer any and all of your biking + kid-related questions.

The website has a great bike safety guide with tips that range from how to properly fit your child with a helmet to helpful road-rule reminders.

Momentum Magazine’s Family Biking Articles

Momentum Magazine offers this compendium of family biking articles with loads of ideas for transporting kids by bike and making family biking a part of your everyday routine.

Photos: PUBLIC Bikes


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