Posted September 5, 2020

5 Ways to Start an Instant Party in Your Hotel Room

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You check in. You key in. You set down your suitcase. Now what? We design our hotel rooms for total relaxation (Frette linens, anyone?). But sometimes you just have to let loose. So if you’re ready to get a party started after your flight, try these tricks. Hey, even if it’s a party of one, at least you’re having fun!


1. Let the cocktailing come to YOU.
Why lounge around dreaming about what you’ll order from the restaurant bar when you can bring the drinks straight to you? Just dip into the mini bar and choose your fave spirit. We’ll bring the fixings, ice buckets and cocktail glasses up to your room, so you can DIY happy hour in style.

 2. Speaking of the mini bar … crack it open!
Snap your fingers and say, “snack.” Poof — there you have it. In the mini bar, which is stocked with treats both healthy and indulgent (we’re talking energy bars, dried fruit, candy bars and then some).

3. Blast some tunes.
Hey, nobody cares whether you prefer AC/DC or Abba. Beyoncé or Beethoven. Taylor Swift or Salt-n-Pepa. The point is that it’s not a good time unless music is pumping. And for that reason, we have iPod docking stations in all of our guest rooms. Plug in and get carried away. Nobody is judging or watching. Your dance party starts now.

4. Get prepped for your night out.
You’re new in town and want to see the sights. Time to get prepped! If you left some essentials at home, not to worry, we deliver the necessities — and then some. Straightening irons? Check. Makeup mirrors? Check. Collar stays? Check. Super glue … because you never know when you need some turbo-charged adhesive power? Yep, Roger that. With our Forgot It? We Got It program, you can get tons of must-haves (and never-knew-you-must-haves) delivered for free.

5. That snazzy robe in the closet? Rock it.
Sometimes, you just need a night in. And while you love catching some “z”s as much as the next person, you like to do it festively. So go directly to the guest room closet and peek inside because — voilà — there is a robe waiting for you. And not just any robe. We go wild with everything from animal to shibori print, so you can kick back in style.

Have a blast, travelers!

How do you instantly up the fun in your hotel room? Let us know in the Comments!

room photo: Hotel Rouge in Washington D.C.; mini bar photo: Nine Zero Hotel in Boston


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