Posted April 16, 2020

9 Ways to Stay Green While Traveling

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We’ve always been committed to treating our planet with genuine care and respect; it’s part of our DNA. That’s why we’ve partnered with Clean the World, an organization that prevents hygiene-related illnesses with worldwide soap distribution and hygiene education programs. We love that they’re dedicated to making this world a better, cleaner place to live too.

Exhale stress away with clear, blue skies. (Photo credit: @taygpophoto via Twenty20)

Our commitment to the environment doesn’t just come to life with our partnerships; it touches our employees, hotels and restaurants, and guests. In celebration of Earth Day this year, we’ve pulled together a list of 9 quick and easy ways you can stay green while you’re with us.

1. Opt-out of housekeeping
If you’re only staying with us for a night or two, skip housekeeping service with our ‘Choose to Conserve’ option at select participating hotels. A food or beverage credit is in store as thanks.

 2. Drink our wine (really!)
Wines that Care’ is our way of sharing our favorite wine from wineries that are also great environmental stewards. Pick wisely and raise a glass without guilt.

Cheers to a beautiful evening by the ocean with a glass of environmentally-friendly wine.

3. Get sudsy
Our full-size shampoos, conditioners and soaps from Atelier Bloem smell amazing and reduce waste by avoiding half-used containers. Also, feel free to leave behind any personal toiletries when you head out. Our employees will collect them and recycle them to third world countries to support Clean the World.

Leave your travel-sized shampoos at home! Our rooms come equipped with full-size Atelier Bloem toiletries.

4. Snack big
If you’re hungry, choose from our family-style packaged snacks like trail mix to reduce packaging waste.

5. Save water
Drink from our pitchers of infused water in the lobby or the meeting room, fill the sink with just enough water to rinse your razor when shaving, and turn off running water while washing your face or brushing your teeth.

Why sip from bottles when a pitcher of refreshing infused water is right at your fingertips?

6. Flush, but flush less
Most of our hotels have high-efficiency toilets marked with one or two push buttons which makes it easy to make the right choice.

 7. Turn down the lights
Many of our rooms require that you insert your key into a master switch to keep the lights on. When you leave with your key, the lights automatically turn off. If your hotel doesn’t have this technology, just remember to switch the lights off when you head out.

Be sure to turn your room lights off when you head out for a night on the town.

8. Charge your car
At our hotels in cities like Washington D.C., San Francisco, Boston, Austin, Philadelphia and beyond, you can charge your hybrid or electric car with one of our dedicated charging systems

9. Ditch the straw
At some of our beachside hotels, servers don’t provide straws with drinks to avoid trashing beaches and nearby wildlife. If you find yourself at one of our hotels (and we hope you do), feel free to give your straw back to your server to avoid waste or bring your own metal one.

Skip the straw and sip your cocktail directly from the glass!

We hope these tips and tools help you think green when you’re staying at our hotels and dining at our restaurants. After all, Earth Day is every day.

— Sarah Thompson


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