Posted December 12, 2011

Our Chefs’ Favorite Healthy-Eating Gift Ideas

Eat + Drink

What do you buy for the cook that has it all? More things to cook with, of course!
(That was a trick question – we all know you can never get too much good food.)

We asked our chefs to dish on the best culinary-themed gifts. Easy-peasy, they said, and came back with present ideas that are not only gourmet, but healthy.

Here’s what to offer the cook in your life – or the one stirring inside you.

Derek Simcik of Atwood Cafe in Chicago says …
“Ideas in Food: Great Recipes and Why They Work” book, $15.79 at

A must-have for every chef, cook or inspiring cook!

Elise Wiggins of Panzano in Denver says …
Case of fresh, whole pomegrantes, prices vary at your local grocer

They’re fun, healthy, colorful and versatile.

Nathan Powers of Bambara in Salt Lake City says …
Triangle fine slicer, $52.95 at

This is designed for truffles, but I use it for slicing garlic into paper-thin sections so they melt well and very fast. You can also use it for fennel, tangerine peels, Parmesan, etc. If you get one, get this fancy German one — it lasts forever!

Heather Terhune of Sable Kitchen & Bar in Chicago says …
Chef’s Choice glass electric tea kettle, $69.95 at
It’s great for making couscous, starting water for pasta, etc., not just for tea.

Christian Graves of Jsix in San Diego says …
Rosle gourmet slicer, $59.95 at

I love this … it makes eating healthy quick and easy. The slicer is freely adjustable, allowing you to set the desired thickness for main-course veggie dishes or the delicate summer truffle — one of my favorites. With it being truffle season, this gift is extra timely.

John Critchley of Urbana in Washington D.C. says …
Beaba Babycook, $120 at

For the new parent/foodie. My wife and I love using this to puree fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables for our son Jack. x

John Eisenhart of Pazzo in Portland says …
Chimes ginger chews, $3.50/5 oz. at

They’re all natural … and ginger has so many medicinal qualities, including aiding digestion to freshening breath to relieving the pain of arthritis. Plus, they’re only 16 calories each!

Roger Waysok of South Water Kitchen in Chicago says …
SousVide supreme vacuum sealer, $129.95 at

It has so many uses, especially when you’re dealing with fresh foods and keeping them that way longer. It’s great for marinating and cooking sous vide, not to mention for buying in bulk and actually using everything.

Luca Corrazina of 312 Chicago in Chicago says …
Imperia pasta machine, $49.95 at

Everyone should have a fresh pasta machine — you can find a good one for less than $50. For holiday guests, you can roll fresh pasta to make ravioli, canelloni, tortelloni or even pasta sheets to make a great lasagna. x

Jay Silva of Bambara in Cambridge says …
La Tourangelle avocado oil, $15 at

It’s an excellent alternative to olive oil and, with its fruity tones, can be a great addition to both sweet and savory dishes. Add it to a nice basket of cooking essentials

Happy shopping, everyone!



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  2. Great ideas. I love Knock Knock stuff for xmas gifts as well. Can’t go wrong.

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