Posted November 30, 2011

Twitter Chats: How to Do the Holidays Right


We’ve been busy celebrating Season of Cheers. Have you heard our glasses clinking?

Even if you’re not staying at a Kimpton hotel over the holidays, you can still get in on the action via Twitter. Our weekly live chats put our wine, spirits and entertaining experts at your disposal, so you can fire off questions and pick up tips.

On #MixMonday (every Monday from noon-1 p.m. PT), Master Mixologist Jacques Bezuidenhout serves up barware and cocktail suggestions, plus more. On #WineWednesday (every Wednesday from noon-1 p.m. PT), Master Sommelier Emily Wines offers pairing possibilities and the skinny on all things grapey. Finally, on #FestiveFriday (every Friday from noon-1 p.m. PT), VP of Design Ave Bradley shows you how to make your celebrations not only bright, but beautiful.

Jacques Bezuidenhout

You can find it all through our @Kimpton Twitter handle. If you haven’t joined us yet, not to fear: Here’s a little recap of some conversations.


@MattStevensUK @Kimpton Jacques, I book room rates that throw in a cocktail per day. My next stay is 3 nights, what 3 cocktails shd I get?
@Kimpton @MattStevensUK try a Negroni, French 75 or Pegu Club cocktail! Have a ball. #MixMonday

@AMarieDixon @Kimpton Hi Jacques, what will you be sipping with your guests on Thanksgiving? #MixMonday
@Kimpton @AMarieDixon If it will be their first try with Plymouth Gin, Campari, M&R Sweet. Stir & serve on rocks with orange slice

@allisonfrazier @Kimpton Hi Jacques! What’s your favorite #seasonal cocktail for the holidays? #pumpkin? #spices? #MixMonday
@Kimpton @ allisonfrazier 4 a seasonal holiday drink, I like a drink I called the Heated Affair. #MixMonday

Emily Wines

@TJ2016 @Kimpton I’ve been a long time tequila purist but am becoming more open minded about mixing. Any suggestions beyond trad marg? #MixMonday
@Kimpton @TJ2016heck yes! Lots of options! Try 2oz. Anejo teq, 6oz. warm winter spiced apple cidar, heavy whip. cream, grated nutmeg 2 top#MixMonday


@shipsandtrips @Kimpton Best wine with trad thanksgiving dinner? #WineWednesday
@Kimpton @shipsandtrips Beaujolais Nouveau comes out 2moro, gr8 w/turkey. Really fresh and fruity. Find in wine shop 3rd Thurs in Nov #WineWednesday

@MTraver @Kimpton Is it OK to mix and match red and white in a flight? Floral with fruity? #WineWednesday
@MTraver The rules are, there are no rules. Red and white in a flight, in a night. It’s all good #WineWednesday

Ave Bradley

@ doktahahpah @Kimpton Emily, what “off the beaten path” red wines do you recommend trying?
@doktahahpah Look to Southern Italy (Aglianico) or Portugal (Douro Reds) for something unique and delicious #WineWednesday

#Festive Fridays

@Kimpton Oooh…here’s a little holiday inspiration for ur table tops – lots of bottles w/ candles #FestiveFriday.

@RufioJJ @Kimpton #FestiveFriday Ave, do you prefer fake or the real-deal trees?
@Kimpton @RufioJJ I love to keep it real :0) You can’t smell the holidays w/ a fake tree #FestiveFriday

@RufioJJ @Kimpton #FestiveFriday house lights indoor & outdoor too much lights? thoughts?
@Kimpton @RufioJJ Indoors, I like to keep those lights on the tree! #FestiveFriday

@superlisa @Kimpton Hey Ave, I’m tired of the same old boring holiday pointsettas. Any brilliant ideas for an alternative?
@Kimpton @superlisa I luv 2 fill a clear vase with white birch branches! Can get them from any florist. Could also spray paint silver! #FestiveFriday
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  1. WP Weiner says:

    We stayed at the Palomar hotel last summer for our son’s wedding. We had over 40 rooms for this event. The Palomar staff was rude, uncooperative and nasty. I wouldn’t stay at this establishment again and would be never recommend it. Our stay was ruined because of the staff